Zombie Babies Card Game Back Story

It was any other day, mummy dropped you to the nursery and gave a kiss goodbye. Later in the afternoon you were taken upstairs for your nap when you started to hear the screams. The grown-up who carried you upstairs put you in the cot and ran to door, she let out a high pitched scream, then yelled ‘they’re all dead’. She ran down the corridor, you could hear the thumping on the stairs and then nothing. The nursery was quiet and still, then you started hearing gurgling, giggling and something being dragged down the corridor. Ducking down under the covers in the cot you saw him… one of the babies, he was covered in blood, his skin green, his eyes yellow. He was a Zombie!

The nursery has been overrun by baby zombies, eating all the grown-ups! How will you get home? When mummy comes to get you they’ll eat her, you need to kill them all before she comes! You’ll need strength, intelligence, bravery and maybe a weapon or two.

Aim Of The Card Game

Zombie Babies is a humorous character building card and dice game. The aim of the game is to get the most XP points, by completing quests which involves killing zombies, collecting items and building your characters stats.


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